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INPRO DEVELOPMENT offers first-rate investment project management solutions, providing a comprehensive package of services and undertakings to foreign investment companies seeking to succeed in the European market.

We implement our clients’ ideas and manage their projects.

We strive to build loyal and long-term business relations based on mutual responsibility and trust.

Our team of professionals have the necessary experience and motivation to deliver high-quality services to our clients.

We value our personalised approach to each client.


INPRO DEVELOPMENT LTD. offers complete investment management, encompassing the whole range of activities necessary for the implementation of your project. We will help and support you in the conceptualising of your project—from strategy and planning to the realisation and placing of end products on the European or other markets. We offer everything a foreign investor needs and will assist you at each stage of your business endeavour.
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Step 1

Strategy and planning

Our first step is to give you detailed information about the business development priorities in Bulgaria. Together, with you, we will determine the most appropriate option for actualising your investment, both in Bulgaria and within the European Union (EU). We will help and support you in the conceptualizing of your project, including investment research in targeted areas.

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Step 2

Commencing Your Investment Project

Once your overall concept has materialized, we will start rolling out your investment plans in practice, strictly observing the terms of reference and implementation timelines.

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Step 3

Design execution

This stage includes land surveys, in order to select your investment site, as well as drawing up of all investment designs and getting them approved by the competent state authorities.

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Step 4


At this stage, we will start to actively run and manage the construction process. We secure the overall communication and synchronisation between all participants in construction works.

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Step 5

Actualising Your Investment

At this stage, we ensure the correct functioning and maintenance of your investment. INPRO DEVELOPMENT provides comprehensive care, including a system for the professional management of your enterprise.

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Step 6

Special services

INPRO DEVELOPMENT delivers a complete package of innovative and all-inclusive services for our clients—completing the cycle of activities necessary for the actualisation of your investment in Bulgaria and the European Union.

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