• The main objective of INPRO DEVELOPMENT is to provide a complete package of services and undertakings to foreign investment companies seeking to place their products on the European market.
  • We deliver a comprehensive service—undertaking ultimate responsibility for implementing investments.
  • Our company keeps pace with the dynamics of the fast-developing investment market, offering innovative solutions to clients in implementing projects.
  • On the basis of responsibility and trust, INPRO DEVELOPMENT seeks to foster stable and long-lasting partnerships between investors and ourselves, as contractor.
  • The mission of INPRO DEVELOPMENT is to provide customised solutions and personalised approaches to each investor.


  • INPRO DEVELOPMENT is the only company on the Bulgarian market which offers a complete package of services to foreign investors.
  • INPRO DEVELOPMENT is a contemporary and dynamically developing company, with insight in the global trends of investment project management.
  • We offer comprehensive and innovative solutions, turning your business ideas into reality.
  • Our highly-qualified team of motivated professionals specialise in all project management areas and will be at your disposal.
  • We install high-quality standards on the global services market.
  • Our approach to each client is individual and flexible—although our work develops as a whole rather than as a set of separate tasks, therefore guaranteeing a high level of professionalism.
  • Being loyal to our clients, we meet our deadlines; exercise diligence and strictness in the execution of each project; and pursue first-rate quality.
  • We embrace professional challenges in various development areas.