Workforce and Priority Sectors

Bulgaria has the lowest operating expenses in the EU, with a qualified and experienced workforce for the needs of all priority sectors—from manual labourers to highly-qualified engineers. The country’s industry workforce is one of the most competitive in Europe. Technical high schools and universities throughout Bulgaria cooperate with companies in order to produce qualified professionals.

Investors’ interest in Bulgaria has significantly increased in recent years, resulting in a range of successful, economy-boosting foreign investment projects in the following fields:

  • Outsourcing and business processes: HP, IBM, VMware.
  • Industrial manufacturing: Great Wall, Liebherr, Hyundai.
  • Information and computer technologies: Sap, Telerik, Johnson Controls, CISCO.
  • Machine building: Ixetic, SKF, M+S Hydraulic.
  • Chemical industry: Lukoil, Saint-Gobain Weber.
  • Electronics: Schneider Electric, Siemens.
  • Transport and logistics: М&М Logistic, Schenker .
  • Tourism  and  spa industry: TUI, FORT NOKS .
  • Trading of fast-moving consumer goods: Axxon Bulgaria, Coca cola, Nestle Bulgaria .